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IO-CREST-Prime Choice of PCI-E Serial Port Card


 IO-CREST is a manufacturer and trading company of PCI-E serial port card. We sell products mainly in Central China, North China and the Middle East. The products are of plenty kinds and applie to wide range. The main products are serial port cards, SATA 6G cards, USB network cards, USB3.0 ,USB3.0 network cards, msata cards, pci-e serial port cards,multi-serial port cards, SATA 3 cards, etc.
    To face the need of the market, we make some adjustment in the production and selling of products. We mainly do home sales, foreign sales supports. Thinking highly of quality, we receive good reputation in the field of serial port cards, both at home and abroad.
    Our goal is making first-rate serial port cards, and we push off scores of all kinds of multi-serial port cards to meet the requirements of customers. Recently we produce one model of PCI-E serial port card, to realize the extra function of customers.
    At the premise of emphasizing function, we reduce the cost to meet the requirements of customers who care more about the price, trying our best to make a product with better quality and price. We choose top-level chipset, produce and authenticate according to international standard, and provide superior after-sale service. Our client base are those who have high requirements on product quality, function and ministrant.
    Choose IO-CREAST, we can ensure the quality and give you good service.