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The difference between PCI-E serial cards and PCI serial cards

       Nowadays there are many types of expansion slots on the market,for example ISA,PCI,PCI-E,AGP,CNR,AMR,ACR.The PCI-E serial card is the newest and high quality product.Because many computer main board use 1394 ports,usb ports,so PCI ports is scarce.But this equipment still exists which use this interface.When you want to connect serial device or connect multiple serial devices, the expansion cards are useful,they can help users to solve the serial problem of inadequate demand.

       Maybe you still don't know what is the expansion slot,it is a method to add the computer characteristics and fuction.The expansion slots are used to secure PCI serial cards on mainboard and connect them to system bus slots.

       In China PCI slot is very common, it is based on PCI local bus(Pedpherd Component Interconnect) which between the ISA slots and AGP slots on the mainboard,it is creamy white,the data transfer rate is 133MB/s(32 bit)and 266 MB/s(64 bit),the working frequency is 33MHZ,32 bit 0r 64 bit.

        MM-PCI16C1058-8S is one of a PCI serial card,the specification as below:
1.Compliant with PCI Local Specification Revision2.3
2.8 Serial PCI Card with 25-pin Octopus Cable  Octopus Cable
3.Data transmission speed up to 926.1Kbps.Surge Protection and Optical isolation available as options
4.Built-In eight improved 16C550 UART with 256-byte Deep FIFO
5.By using automatic data transfers and assign IRQ&I/O address
6.Support IRQ share for PCI
7.No need switches and jumpers,all the settings will be done by software
8.System requirement:DOS/Linux/WIN98/2000/XP32/64/2003/Vista/2008/WIN7

      The full name of PCI-E slot is PCE Express,it has the world's newest interface standard and bus.

       The main advantage of PCI-E slots is the high speed of data transfer rate, it can reach 10 gb/s ,and also has  development potential. PCI Express slots also have a variety of specifications, from PCI Express1X to PCIExpress16X, can meet the demand of low equipment and high speed equipment which appear at present and in the future.

       IOCREST PCI-E experts has many years of experience in serial cards communications, have become to one of a manufacturers to provide out

        Industrial PCI multiport serial cards .PCI multiport serial card in famous forgood security and high stability

         IOCREST PCI-E experts tips:when you plug the PCI-E multiport serial card into your computer, if you can't find proper drivers for the hardware during install,maybe caused by  PCI-E serial cards not plugged,you can change a slot or pulg it again.