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4-port Industrial RS-232 Serial card PCI-E Multi-serial card MM-PCE9904-4S
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Product name: 4-port Industrial RS-232 Serial card PCI-E Multi-serial card
Product model: MM-PCE9904-4S
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Product description:

PCI-Express to 4 Serial Expansion Cards

2 serial transmission rate as high as 115.2 k mouth/s
Compatible standard: 16c550 UART

Chipset: MosChip MCS9904
Accord with PCI - Express 1.0 a norms
PCI-Express rate 2.5 Gb/s full duplex channel
Supports plug and play
Serial interface:RS-232
Compatible with the standard 16 c550 UART and 256 bytes of sending receiving FIFO
High-speed data transmission rate as high as115.2k/s
Supports RS-232 hardware flow control
Length of data bits:5,6,7,8
Stop bit:1,2
Driver supports Windows2000/xp/server 2003/xp 64bit/ Vista, Linux, Dos, MAC

System requirements
At least has an available PCI - Express x1 slot in PC

Package includes
PCI-Express to 4 serial expansion cards
User manual

Driver disc

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