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PCI to USB2.0 (4+1) NEC Chip with Front USB MM-U2NEC101-4E1I
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Product name: PCI to USB2.0 (4+1) NEC Chip with Front USB
Product model: MM-U2NEC101-4E1I
Product description:

PCI to USB Riser Card  USB2.0 Interface
Available to connect  USB mobile hard disk,USB mouse, scanner, keyboard,digital camera and USB devices.

1. Accord with USB2.0 specification design which provides the newest USB2.0 high-speed transmission interface
2. Adopts NEC chip which works more stable, and compatible with all kinds of chipsets.
3. Downward compatible with USB1.x and available to connect USB1.x or high-speed USB2.0 device.
4. Plug and play and available to as many as 127 USB devices.
5. Interface transfer rate:1.5Mbps(USB1.0),12Mbps(USB1.1), 480Mbps(USB2.0)
6. Provides five external USB2.0 interface, four external and one built-in.
7. Supports Windows 98/ 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP
8. Accord with 32-bit 33MHz PCI bus specification
9. Supports PCI bus power management interface
NEC control chip, compatibility and speed are much better  than ALI and VIA chip!
System platform:supports Windows98/98se/Me/2000/XP operating system.

Package list:packing box +USB card + CD

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