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PCI 8 ports rs232 serial card MM-PCI16C1058-8S
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Product name: PCI 8 ports rs232 serial card
Product model: MM-PCI16C1058-8S
Download: Click to download download (Download index:1480)
Product description:

Functional Description
Extend out eight DB9 serial row lines in the computer with PCI slots

Compliant with PCI local specification revision2.3
Supports 8*UART serial port
Data transmission speed up to 926.1Kbps.Surge Protection and Optical isolation available as options
I/O Controller:Built-In eight improved 16C550 UART with 256-byte Deep FIFO
By using automatic data transfers and assign IRQ&I/O address
Supports IRQ share for PCI
No need switches and jumpers,all the settings will be done by software

System Requirements
Supports OS:DOS LINUX2.4 LINUX2.6 WIN98 WIN2000 WINXP32/64 WIN2003 VISTA WIN2008 WIN7
Avaliable PCI slot


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