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4 Port Gigabit Ethernet PCI-e x4 Network Interface Card,Intel I350-AM4 Chipset IO-PEI350-4GLAN
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Product name: 4 Port Gigabit Ethernet PCI-e x4 Network Interface Card,Intel I350-AM4 Chipset
Product model: IO-PEI350-4GLAN
Product description:

Chipset:lntel l350-AM4
•Host lnterface: PCl Express·2.1  5GT/slanex4 lane 
•Supports10/100/1000Mbps data rate auto negotiation
•Each port can send and receive eight queue
•Up to 86 pieces of queue receiver to adjust(RSS) in multiple processor system can minimize the use of the CPU
•Support 8 pool of each ports(a single queue) virtual machine device queue(VMDq)
•Support the SR- IOVfunction
•Support direct cache access(DCA)
•Support the lntel l/0V3.0 acceleration technology
•TS0 interleaved technique isto reduce the delay
•To minimize the equipment l/0 interrupt using MSl and MSl -X
•The UDP and TCP and lP checksum partial load
•The UDP and TCP send piecewise load(TS0)
•SCTP receiving and sending oheckand partial load
•The packet combination of interrupt and timer(packet timer) and absolute- interruption
•delay timer is to send and receive operation
•Support PCl Express base specification 2.0(5GTs)
•lntel l350AM4double integrated MAC+ PHY and SERDES chip oontroller with high
•performance, high reliability and low power consumption characteristics
•Super depth, based on the packet buffer perchannel can reduce the use ofthe CPU
•Hardware acceleration can be partial load taskfrom the main processor The controller can be used for partial load TCP/UDP/lP checksum TCP segment
•Server level of reliability, availability and performance characteristics:
•Link aggregation and load balancing
•Relevant switches: 802.3AD(LACP), common Trunking(GEC/FEC)
•Exchange and NIC norelated
•Desktop computers, workstations and servers
System Reguirement
•Windows XP/7/8/10/ista/Server2003/Server2008/Server2012/ Linux2.4.xor above
package Content
•PCl Express Four Gigabit Ethemet controllercard x1
•User Manual x1
•DriverCD x1
•Low profile bracketx1

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